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Bobby Mitchell’s Story

Over the years, our family here at Franklin Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is pleased to have been part of the most inspirational stories about the most amazing people. While there are many to choose from, none is more impressive than Bobby’s story.

fro bobby mitchel

Bobby Mitchell with Staff

Bobby Mitchell came to us in January of 2011 after suffering a devastating stoke and a lengthy hospital stay. His life had been turned upside down, and he wasn’t able to do a single thing for himself. In fact, he remembers little about his first few weeks here. He was fed by a g-tube, he had a trach, and he required complete and total care by staff for all of his activities of daily living, including bathing, and dressing. He couldn’t walk at all, and had to be transferred with a lift. His communication was minimal, and he rarely wanted to get out of bed.

Over the course of the next several months, our staff pushed Bobby to push himself. When it seemed like he wanted to give up, we pushed harder until he began to push himself.

Today, a little over three years later, Bobby is one of the most active residents in our facility. The g-tube is gone, and so is the trach. His memory is as sharp as a tack, and he expresses himself as well as any resident in the facility. He transfers himself in and out of bed, wheels himself wherever he wants to go, and can perform most of his activities of daily living by himself. He is active in our Resident Council, has several friends, and enjoys friendly relationships with many staff members. It’s not uncommon for one of us to mention on a regular basis just how different things were for Bobby just a short time ago.

Bobby says, “I thank God…I came a LONG way. And I thank God for the people who helped me get here.”

Way to go, Bobby!